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I am an emerging artist working out of K'jipuktuk also known as Halifax NS.  I came here all the way from Calgary Ab to learn a mix of traditional art skills, art history, and animation at NSCAD University and I have since fell in love with the city and the arts community here.  I am so happy to live in a location with such a surprisingly large community of animators and animation lovers.  I have been animating since 2015 when I took a workshop with Quickdraw Animation Society and I haven't stopped.  I now volunteer regularly with the Animation Festival of Halifax.

I am a lover of material and technique and I love to experiment with both while asking myself questions like "how can I take 2D paper puppets and animate them in a 3D paper environment?"  These questions fuel me and I am inspired by the history of story telling.  I want to know what makes a story last through the generations and why are some stories retold again and again and again.

I am currently working on a video game!  I am still learning how to code and map and all of the other fun things but I am learning quickly and can not wait to share more!

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Spaceship Landing on Earth

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Located in K'jipuktuk or Halifax NS

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